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Crystal Herbs Essences

Crystal Herbs Essences, located in the UK, have been creating and developing Essences for over 30 years.  All of their Essences are handmade with love and consciousness.  They offer a comprehensive range of individual flower, gem and crystal essences as well as a range of combination formulas that together form a wonderful resource for anyone working with change, transformation and personal and spiritual growth.

I love that I can carry hard to find Essences that are made with such care, love and joy!

Below are descriptions of some combo formulas I carry.  I also have some single flower, Gem and Crystal Essences.

Angel Essences-Each Essence creates a bridge between your everyday world and that of the Angelic Realms, linking you into their web of light and higher consciousness.  Call on them for inspiration, illumination and guidance.

Archangel & Ascended Master Essences-Each Essence is vibrationally attuned to the consciousness of a particular Archangel or Ascended Master.  Like doorways into a higher dimension these Essences will help you like more easily with the web of light and higher consciousness of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Platonic Solid & Sacred Geometry Essences-These Essences are powerful reminders to our energetic system of their original matrix or blueprint.  Working at a subtle level these Vibrational Essences help to encourage restoration of order and balance within our energetic blueprint.

Chakra Essences-These Essences offers you the opportunity to work at a deep level with the issues and patterns of each of the chakras that most affect our mental and emotional well being.

Divine Harmony Essences-These Essences are deep acting Flower, Gem and Crystal Essence combos that are each focused on a particular issue, pattern or state to help facilitate an inner change and transformation that is gentle, effective and life enhancing.

Wellbeing Combination Essences-These 5 deep acting Wellbeing Combo essences in this group each offer support with issues that are important for our overall wellbeing and which can affect the quality of life we experience.


Brief History of Flower Essences: In the early 1930's Dr. Bach, a Welsh physician, created the Flower Essences to help his patients as he realized how our thoughts, feelings and emotions play a major role in how we handle illness.  These subtle, yet powerful essences are non-toxic with no side effects and can be taken on their own or with medications, homeopathic remedies and other treatments and substances.  All can take these from newborns to the elderly as well as animals and plants.  They are not to be confused with aromatherapy or herbal medicine as the essences are prepared by imprinting the healing energy of the particular flower, gem, etc. into water.


Using Essences: You may know which essence you would like or you may be overwhelmed by the choices in each collection.  I recommend you sit and meditate/intuit/think-whatever works best for you-and allow the essences to come into your consciousness and then be led to either essences from one collection or a combo of collections.

Once you have decided on the essence(s), you can either take them directly from the stock bottles that are sold here or I would recommend diluting them in a separate 1-ounce dropper bottle so that way they will last longer and you can make a variety of combos for yourself or your animals.

The basic way to mix these is to put 4 drops from each essence stock bottle you would like to use into a 1 ounce dropper bottle that is 3/4 full of spring or distilled water.  I usually don't mix more than 8-9 essences per bottle (combo essences count as one since they resonate together as one in their formula), but that varies on what you need.  It is best to focus on a few issues at a time rather than throwing many essences into the same bottle as it may be too much for the body to work through at once.  From this formula bottle, take 4 drops by mouth 4 times per day.  You can take it more often if you feel the need, however, you do not need to take more drops at a time.  With the essences it is the frequency of dosing and not the amount that works.  Same goes for animals.  You can also put a dropper full in a glass of water and sip on it all day(or in your animal's water bowl) or put a dropper full in an 8 ounce spray bottle of water and mist yourself and your environment throughout the day or in your bath, etc.

Keep the essence bottles, whether stock bottle you purchase or formula bottle you mix, away from computers, EMF, microwaves and out of direct sunlight.  No need to put in refrigerator.  If you touch the dropper to  your mouth, your animal's mouth or other surfaces, make sure to run the dropper bottle under hot water before putting it back in the bottle.


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