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What's with the different kinds of products?

The reason I have a variety of products from Waldorf School Supplies to Holistic Health Supplies is that I supply things that will benefit my clients mind/body/soul/spirit.  (Read more in About Us section)  I want people to have a variety of things to help them awaken to the best they can be.  Whether that is balancing their chakras with candles, essential oils & sprays or taking Flower Essences that help them move through a difficult emotional trauma. I choose my products with intention and people's needs in mind as well as a variety of price ranges so anyone can get what they need.

Flower/Gem/Environmental/Animal Spirit Essence Lines (FES, Healing Herbs, Alaskan Flower Essences, Crystal Herbs Essence, Wild Earth Animal Spirit Essences)-

Choosing what essence(s) to use can be overwhelming.  And then when you see all the different ones I carry it can be even more challenging!  

I recommend that you decide on the specific issue you want to work on first.  It may be one or two things, but keep it to a minimum or it can get too confusing for the body to try and balance too many things at once.  Then take a look around the essence lines. You may know of one or two already or are new at this.  Combining essences in a variety of lines is ok, but at first I would choose only one or two to start with.  See which line you are drawn to and then maybe you will see a flower you love or a color of flower or gem that you feel drawn too maybe from a memory or smell.  Or maybe animals are your love and you see animals that you want to work with to get the help you need.  Maybe certain gems are in your house and you want to enhance the work you are doing with them by taking a gem essence to match.  Or you see an Angel or Archangel you want to work with or a theme that matches what you need help with or want to enhance.  

And if nothing really seems to be drawing you, you can always give me a call and ask some advice.  I also do consultations in person and on the phone for humans and animals if that is a way you would like to go.

I would also like to add that the descriptions I have listed for each essence(s) comes from the companies as a guide.  Each description has been brought about by the individuals who bring the essence forward for you.  There are times when different companies have the same essences, such as Dandelion flower essence, and you may see different descriptions for the same flower.  That doesn't mean that either is right or wrong, but that shows us that there are many interpretations of each essence-many energies that each flower, gem, etc. carries.  Basically, take what works for you and you may even find your own meaning as well.  We are so fortunate to have so many wonderful ways to heal!

Just begin where you are and see where it takes you!  It won't be the wrong essence or do you any harm. I always say there is no wrong way to take the essences unless you don't take them!  They are a beautiful, subtle yet powerful modality that anyone can use to help them balance their emotions.  


Color Energy Products( Products for your color and chakra work out of Canada)-I love this company!  They put such care into all their products.  Their Essential Oils are from Ashbury's Aromatherapy and are high quality, vibrant oils that match the energy pattern of color and the chakras.  They have a lot of collections within their company and I carry many of them from Chakra Blends, Therapeutic Blends, Color your Mood Blends and individual Essential Oils to Colored therapy glasses, Spirit Sprays, Alchemy Sprays and much more.  I also have a Biopulsar machine that uses biofeedback techniques to give you a real time aura, chakra and organ energy reading for those people who are in my area.  In future, I will be able to do distance readings as well.  

Choosing any of these products can help balance out your chakra energy centers and help you maintain health and well being.  There are many ways to choose them and if you need help, please don't hesitate to call or email me for suggestions.


Waldorf School Supplies & handwork supplies-People who are already homeschooling with Waldorf methods or have their child in a Waldorf school will know just what to do in this section!  I have all the basic supplies and I also sell individual beeswax crayons, both block and stick, as well as colored pencils and both modelling and decorating (for decorating candles, etc) beeswax sheets.  I also have a large variety of Wool Pets* needle felting kits and single color and multi color roving, as well as felt pieces (both 50 rayon 50 wool and 100% wool), beeswax candles and story books for children and Waldorf, craft, festival and Anthroposophy books for adults.  


Metaphysical Supplies-I have many crystals both in small, tumbled form or other shapes and sizes which you can pair with gem essences if you like or just have them around for the many energetic advantages.  I carry tarot/oracle cards, incense & burners, Reiki energy candles, room sprays, smudging supplies, tote bags and tapestries, jewelry and many other items for your needs. 


Holistic Health Products-I often recommend products to people and they always want to know if I have them at my store. So I decided to carry a small variety of things I use.  I don't have vitamins and supplements as I can't compete with the big stores that sell them for cheap, but I do have some good products such as Uriel creams and sprays that are made here in the US that follow Anthroposophic medicine principles for various conditions, as well as  ear candles, skin products, sinus balm, and a variety of essential oil bath and body products like bath salts for winter ailments, as well as calming and energizing bath and shower products. I do not carry basic homeopathic remedies, but I do homeopathic consultations both in person and on the phone for your health and well being. 


Handmade Chakra Items-I love to knit!  It's just a fact!  So I came up with an idea to make items to sell that provides people with the colors of the Chakras that they can use to enhance their Chakra work.  I have a variety of items such as coasters, placemats, blankets, washcloths, etc.  I am also working on a line (not knitted) of eye pillows that are filled with flax seeds and lavender flowers and hope to have those out soon. So check out my handmade section!  I have more ideas down the road of other items as well so stay tuned!