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About Us

 A bit of history...............

   My path in life has been a most wonderful one!  Starting in 1983, I followed my calling by working at a Veterinary clinic, then college where I became a Licensed Veterinary Technician.  Along the way, I met my husband, Dr. Jonathan Wright  (a Veterinarian)  got married and became a step mother.  Due to a health issue and getting no resolution to the problem, I sought out Holistic Medicine.  Both my husband and I had an awakening and realized we needed to sell our allopathic Veterinary Hospital and move into Holistic Medicine.  It wasn't easy, and we took a lot of flack for doing so, but it was one of the best things we have ever done!

   In 1995, I realized that I wasn't needed in the same capacity as my husband was doing house calls and not surgery or in house lab work, so I looked at what I wanted to do.  I was interested in human behavior and how it affects not only ourselves, but our animal companions.  I started with taking a practitioner training course through the Nelson Bach Company and have used flower, gem, & environmental essences from around the world ever since for humans and animals.

   By 2001, it was apparent that I needed to do more and learn more and so began my 4 year training course in human Homeopathy.  I have been a practitioner of Homeopathy since 2005 and also work with my husband on the veterinary side as needed.

The Feathered Phoenix begins........

   During my Homeopathic studies I learned about Rudolf Steiner's work involving Anthroposophic Medicine and Waldorf Education.  At that time my husband and I were wanting to have a child together and knew that we wanted Waldorf Education for them.

    In 2011, my dream came true as myself and a small group of women created a Waldorf school!  I did a variety of things for the school like administrator, handwork teacher one year, various positions on the board of directors, whatever was needed.  Because I wanted to help educate the community and parents about Anthroposophy (helped create a Steiner book study group that is still going)  and Waldorf education in particular, I thought about starting a store to sell Waldorf school supplies.  

   It has now morphed into not just the school supplies, but I sell a variety of Flower Essence lines, Holistic health supplies and metaphysical supplies.  And I have a wonderful space for my retail store, treatment room and I am developing a library with Anthroposophic books, children's books and Holistic health books.

Ya, it's a barn!  

   I am fortunate to have a wonderful space to work out of.  My beloved father built this house which is a replica of the original barn his grandfather built on this homestead farm.  I have my space in the basement and there is a middle floor that is a living space that I & others use for workshops.  There is also an attic which is unfinished at the moment.

   I am a one man band as they used to say, which means it's just me running this business.  I don't have regular hours that I am open, but I am here much of the week from 9am-3pm.  I do ask that you call or text to make sure I am here and not with a client if you want to stop by. I am located in a rural area so I don't want to miss you if you make the drive out here! 


 My products, my services, my journey.......

   Some people wonder why I have the products I do.  I put a lot of thought and intention into the products I have in my store and online.  I know that my journey, my life path, is to be of service to others.  My products and services reflect my intention to help people help themselves become the best they can be along their journey to wholeness~physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Take care of your lovely selves!  The world needs you to be in health and alignment with your calling!