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Hand Dyed Chakra Silk Scarves-10" X 56"


Limited Quantities!

These hand dyed silk scarves have very intense color compared to the softer play silks for children.  Wear these around your head or neck or around the area of the body that links that color to a particular chakra.  Also can be used on alters or hang in places around your home!

I use Habotai 8mm silk scarves that are hemmed.  I use Jacquard Acid dyes to which I add vinegar to set the color and then hang on the clothes line to dry.  As such, it is a summer project that I do outside, so when I run out of a color, I have to wait until good weather to create more.

If it is necessary to wash, then hand wash in cold water with vinegar.   You may use a mild soap if absolutely necessary, but the color will probably fade or wash out if too intense.